Vivant Collection

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Vivant, the latest collection from Serene by Madi Lane. Vivant, meaning ‘alive’ in French, is a celebration of love’s vibrancy and life’s most precious moments.

Each design in Vivant is more than a bridal gown; it’s a masterpiece where intricate lace and emotional flow intertwine. Every stitch echoes a heartbeat, and each dress is a living dream, capturing the essence of our brides’ spirits and stories.

Serene By Madi Lane has always believed in the transformative power of love and the unmatched beauty of life. Vivant embodies these beliefs, featuring ethereal silhouettes and fabrics that move in perfect harmony with you. Every piece is crafted to narrate the unique journey of love each bride embarks on. Experience the enchantment of Vivant – where each gown is not just a dress, but a celebration of your journey, dreams, and the indomitable spirit of love.

As the collection takes shape, each dress becomes a character. The gowns are crafted not just from exquisite fabrics, but from stories of joy, resilience, and the ethereal beauty of life itself. From the intricate lace that mimics the delicacy of a lover’s embrace, to the flowing silhouettes that dance as if to the rhythm of the heart, “Vivant” is more than a collection – it’s a celebration of being alive.

Within the Vivant collection, we embrace the diversity of love and individuality, ensuring there is something for every bride. Romantic at heart, our gowns feature exquisite 3D appliques that bloom and cascade like a love story in full flourish. For the bride who cherishes playfulness, our skirts are designed with a joyful touch, adding whimsical charm to every step down the aisle. The plush satins in ivory and blush envelop the wearer in luxurious comfort, their soft hues reflecting the gentle glow of newfound love.

Streamlined silhouettes cater to the modern bride, offering sleek, refined lines that speak to understated elegance. And for those who desire a touch of drama, our bustier bodices are crafted to perfection, giving both support and a stunning visual statement. These features come together in a harmonious blend, creating a collection that doesn’t just dress a bride but truly celebrates her, in every form, every mood, and every cherished moment of her journey to love. With Vivant, each bride finds a gown that resonates with her innermost being, a gown that is not just worn, but lived in, alive with the essence of her unique story.


Vivant evokes a sense of liveliness and joy, aligning with happiness, excitement & celebration around your most special day.

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